About Us

Shuyang Ruixiu Trade Co., Ltd., located in Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province, the hometown of Chinese wood board, is mainly engaged in the production, processing and export trade of medium and high density fiberboard, particle board, melamine veneer, UV veneer, PET veneer and other wood panels.The company is only 70 kilometers away from Port of Lianyungang, the largest bulk carrier port in China, and the transportation is very convenient, especially for exporting plates; At the same time, the company is adjacent to other density board factories and particle board factories in the county, with less transportation and processing costs.

Our company is the vice president unit of the Suqian Home Furnishing Industry Association, with a factory area of 28000 square meters, more than ten automated decorative panel production lines, and more than 160 professional and technical personnel. The company relies on its own production capacity and a strong panel production cluster around the county, thus becoming a major panel export enterprise in northern Jiangsu. After several years of development, the company has continuously grown and expanded in scale, and its products are popular both domestically and internationally and are highly favored by customers. The company has received unanimous praise from customers for its excellent product quality and first-class reputation, making it an outstanding player in the industry.